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5 Great Things about Dental Bridges in Bethesda

Are you in need of dental bridges in Bethesda? Let us help you out with getting your dental bridges. At the Dental Institute, we understand that missing teeth can be a pain to deal with. Dental bridges are such a game-changer and can give you a confidence boost. 

There are a lot of things that can go into getting dental bridges. You want to keep your mouth clean and healthy when using your dental bridge. We took the time to make a guide for you about dental bridges and what you need to know.

Natural Teeth with Dental Bridges in Bethesda

Even though your dental bridge teeth are made from molds and are considered fake teeth, they should look completely natural. They should also feel completely comfortable when you are wearing them. So all around, you should have a natural smile and people, including you, can’t tell where your bridge starts and ends. 

Dental bridges can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It depends on how many teeth you are missing and where they are located. A dental bridge is typically recommended if you are missing several teeth in a row. If you are just missing one tooth, we usually do a replacement or something else besides a dental bridge. 

A dental bridge is useful because it prevents further damage or misalignment with natural teeth that are still in place. Since it is permanent you can eat and talk while looking like you have a normal, natural smile.

Dental Bridge in Bethesda

At The Dental Institute in Bethesda, we offer dental bridge services. We pride ourselves on giving great dental service, as well as great customer service. Our bedside manner allows us to connect with our patients and allows them to relax at their dental appointment. 

Dental bridges in Bethesda are something that can make or break your eating experience. Our goal with dental bridges in Bethesda is to give you the most comfortable fit for your bridge. Your bridge and teeth should be aligned and fit extremely well. 

If your bridge does not fit, we will want you to come back in so we can readjust the bridge. You should be able to eat and talk normally with your dental bridge in. 

The goal is for you to not notice your bridge and forget that you have it in. This lets you eat normally, as well as living your life without noticing your dental bridge.

Dental Bridges and Oral Hygiene

If we were going to rank items, this would be listed as number 1. Oral hygiene is extremely important and it becomes even more important when using dental bridges in Bethesda. The problem with getting dental bridges in Bethesda is that most people do not take care of them. This is the number 1 problem that we see when dealing with dental bridges at The Dental Institute at Bethesda.

What is the big deal with oral hygiene and dental bridges? A dental bridge stays in your mouth all day and all night. You wear it and eat with it in, it goes through a lot. Then when you go home, you wear it to bed since it is something that permanent. The dental bridge collects a lot of germs and bacteria that can grow if not cleaned. 

From here, it is easy to know what happens. The bacteria grow and food collects if you do not clean it properly. This can cause a variety of issues such as bad breath, tooth decay, and mouth infections.

Surrounding Teeth with Dental Bridges

You may have heard that the teeth on the bridge and around the bridge can still get impacted by the placement of the bridge. This is true and in most cases, you will want to keep an eye on your teeth and how they feel. It is easy to skip out on flossing and not taking the time to properly clean them. This is what usually leads to problems with the surrounding teeth. 

The main reason we focus so much on a comfortable fit because you can cause a lot of damage to your teeth with an ill-fitting bridge. If a dental bridge does not fit properly, whenever you move your mouth or chew, the bridge is hitting other teeth and irritates them.

If this goes on day after day, the dental bridge will start to cause infections or serious tooth decay. This puts them at risk of needing to be fixed before permanent damage is caused. When everything fits, your surrounding teeth should be happy and healthy.

False Tooth with Dental Bridges

When you get dental bridges in Bethesda, you will get a false tooth for every tooth that is missing. The bridge is then attached to surrounding natural teeth that are healthy. The false tooth comes in several different materials. You can ask or may be asked what type of material it will be made from. If you want a natural look you can ask for a natural-looking tooth that will be shade-matched to your nearby teeth. 

You can also choose a material that is the most cost-effective for your situation. You can get the false teeth made out of alloys, a silver metal-like substance. Gold is also an option if you want to go in that direction for your smile. You can also choose a mix of materials which is great if you can’t decide on one particular substance.

If you cannot decide what to get, take the time to talk to your hygienist or dentist. They can give you the pros and cons of each material and what is best for your situation with getting dental bridges in Bethesda.

Let us give you the gift of a great smile. Get your confidence back while not worrying about your teeth or mouth. Start enjoying your favorite foods again without pain or aches. 

Want to know more about us? Take a look at what people are saying about us here. We would love to meet you and help you out with your mouth and smile.

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